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About Us

Mei Heong Yuen Dessert 味香园甜品, has it roots connected to the iconic FARMER BRAND groundnuts, and is the brainchild of Connie and Clara Lee, daughters of Mei Heong Yuen’s founder. It specializes in different varieties of pastes and steamed egg pudding. Its peanut paste is fragrant and delicately grounded to give a smooth texture with no presence of any peanut bits. Sufficiently sweet, without being cloying, it offers to be a great dessert for rounding up a satisfying meal. Its walnut paste, another favourite on the menu, is a silky-smooth cream that will soothe craving taste buds. The other two “heavenly kings” are sesame and almond pastes. For the health conscious, there is also the sugar-free almond paste to whet their appetites. On a hot day, cold desserts like the mango with pomelo and sago is a sure winner for quenching desiccated throats with the tangy blend of cool mango puree, pomelo and sago. The Snow Ice from Taiwan is another refreshing cold dessert that comes in thin smooth mouth-feel sheets that reminiscent fine powered snow. We have grown from a one store dessert shop to having its own factory  and central kitchen with ISO 22000 Food Safety Certification. It is now a popular home grown brand and is also popular with tourists from many countries.

Singapore Chinatown Heritage Brands

Mei Heong Yuen is proud to be one of the “Singapore Chinatown Heritage Brands”, an initiative by Chinatown Business Association to introduce long established heritage brand names to Singapore visitors.

Mei Heong Yuen‘s commitment to quality has helped established the FARMER BRAND into a household name synonymous with good quality and excellence. For over 50 years, in the pursuit of excellence, the FARMER BRAND of peanuts has been recognized for its’ excellent quality, great value and established brand.